Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Found some old sign pictures

I was updating the pictures on our computer and found some pictures of some Signs I had carved back in 2003, one for a gift, and one for I do not know what. I think it might have been given away, but Rob thinks I have it somewhere, but have just forgotten it.

Here they are:

Monday, December 8, 2008

Interesting concept for carving

Here is an interesting concept to consider carving:

Weekend Work - Plaques

I worked this weekend on roughing out some plaques to give as holiday gifts. It is the first time I have used the roto-zip and roughed out the carving before trying to finish the work with hand tools. I will have to shoot some photo's and add them to show what I have been working on.

I enjoyed myself... it was cool to control so smoothly the wood being removed, there were some oops's, but hopefully nothing that can't be concealed in the finishing process.

I keep thinking of the Junipers in mid west Utah, I want to make a trip down there to obtain some material for some power carving I want to do. Maybe I can take a day and make a trip of it with Robyn.